All dolls poured, cleaned, painted and dressed by Dianna Newburn 1987-1990

Parker Levi molds


Parker Levi body Hilda head

Large Doll head Pouty, body by Parker Levi Rag dolls and teddy by Dianna little blonde doll by Parker Levi

Doll face by Dianna body by Parker Levi

Toddler in dress face and legs by Dianna boy  face and arms and body by Parker Levi

Horse and doll body by Parker Levi doll head Bru.

Large doll molds by Parker Levi Cabbage patch by Dianna

I don't know who made the bed I just finished it.

All toys, box, were sculpted by Dianna the only the chair was purchased and the buttons for the round pictures.

Mini doll mold by Parker Levi  hand made trunk by Dianna

Pouty head, body and legs by Parker Levi Rag doll by Dianna



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